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Supports NHS Nurses and Care Home workers; pays tribute to those who died during the pandemic and remembers their families.

This film remembers – through the story of our nurse Sheilla – the hard work and dedication of all nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensures their bravery and hard work throughout are not forgotten.
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The film was possible thanks to the generosity of Cerulean Blue supporters and the award of a Localgiving ‘Magic Little Grant’.

‘Sheilla’s Story’ was submitted, checked and validated and we were an official entrant in Smiley Charity Film Awards 2024, the world’s largest campaign for cause-based films!

We were thrilled and proud that we were involved!

Remembering that week in 2020..

Day 1

23rd March


PM announces first lockdown in the UK, ordering people to “stay at home”.

🩶 the British people rise to the occasion, and endure months of isolation, before eventually reclaiming freedoms

Day 4

26th March

Clap 4 Carers

People from across the UK clapped, cheered, and rang bells at 8pm to thank the NHS workers for their service, many of whom would lose their lives.

Two in particular inspired Covid memorial organisations:

Margaret Parkes, former WW2 Nurse

Margaret Parkes

💙 After losing her beloved aunt, Margaret Parkes, who died 29/04/2020, Chris Thomas founded Cerulean Blue in her memory 💙

Margaret Parkes, former WW2 Nurse

John David Leigh

💛 Sioux Hill, a member of Bereaved Families For Justice, lost her beloved dad John David Leigh who Died 16/04/2020 💛

Day 7

29th March

>1k dead

The virus had truly begun to tear through vulnerable communities and those who care for them, with the UK death toll already at 1,228.

❤️ A year on from this day in 2021, volunteers painted 150,000 red hearts on the National Covid Memorial Wall on the Thames’ South Bank, maintained by Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice

Lambeth School Students helping maintain the wall later in 2021

We Clapped 4 them.
Now let’s Bake 2!

  • Public-health workers deserve a fair wage from government, but we also want citizens to contribute something personal to their local healthcare workers
  • So let’s put those pots and pans we banged to use, making a tasty treat to share with family friends, sell or raffle – all donations made will support nurses in need please
  • What could be a better way of saying


Help fund Cerulean Blue

We extend sincere thanks for the kindness and generosity of Cerulean Blue supporters.

We need funding to maintain the welfare of nurses, healthcare workers and their families.

We are currently taking generous funding through trusted donation sites easyfundraising & localgiving, or get in touch about cash donations.

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💙 Chris & Sheilla from Cerulean Blue would love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved with baking or promoting the campaign in your local area :

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Happy Baking!