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Bake 2 Donate to the Nurses of the NHS
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This year Bake2Donate is in aid of Cavell, a charity who supports the Nursing and Midwifery family through tough times.

Cavell provides grants, advice and a listening ear to nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants looking to take charge of their finances and feel more in control.

Below you can read Jaynes story, just one of many that show how your money could help this deserving community.

Bake to donate for Jayne

Read Jayne’s Story

Off work after a cancer diagnosis and with the cost of living crisis starting to bite, Jayne’s found herself struggling to fund her journey’s to hospital appointments.

“I don’t drive so I have to use public transport for all my appointments; blood tests, seeing the oncologist, regular reviews” explains Jayne

“and with intensive cancer treatment those journeys soon add up. Most of my money goes on public transport.

“With the cost of living crisis I’ve seen food costs rise dramatically for me and my youngest son too. I was struggling to pay bills, buy food and get to all my appointments, it was very stressful.”

The Cavell support team quickly assessed Jayne’s situation and provided funds to help her with living costs.

Bake to donate for Jayne

“I felt a bit strange applying for help,” remembers Jayne “I thought I shouldn’t be in this situation having to get financial support. It was absolutely fantastic when the support came through!

I wasn’t expecting it and it meant that I could travel to my appointments and not worry about those costs.”

Jayne’s treatment is ongoing but there has been progress with her condition. The cancer treatment is less frequent now and she doesn’t feel as tired. “I can eat more easily now, at first it was difficult to eat. But I still get exhausted just walking to the shops. A ten minute stroll feels like an hour to me!”

Jayne has considered picking up nursing shifts again but is feeling cautious. “I’ve thought about returning to shift work,” she says “but my body’s immunity is low due to the cancer treatment so I’m worried about how I’d deal with picking up illnesses at work. So for now I’m keeping myself safe.”

Jayne is grateful for the specialist help available from the Cavell Support team, “It’s fantastic that there is support like Cavell out there for colleagues, especially like me having to live with cancer. Thank you to Cavell for being there to support me and my colleagues going through tough times.”

And she has a message for supporters too, “When people give money to a charity like Cavell,” says Jayne “that donation means more than just the money. To someone like me living with cancer, the support means that the financial worry is taken away and I can concentrate on getting better.”

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